Hello! Welcome to the Blog of ShopwornDesigns. It is so nice to meet you. We will have much to talk about. There will be some weekly events and great reads. Lots of Tips, Topics, Tools, Travels, Tales, and much more. There will be monthly events also. Recipe Wednesday when I include a great recipe and photo to share with all my readers. Also The Weekend Garden, where I share easy garden or yard art ideas and photos with you. It will be super fun! And while your here please stop into my shop for a visit at or I will talk a little about some of the items I have for sale. How and why they were made. What inspired me to make that item. And what I might be making next for my shop. You will be able to view my Craft Lab where most of my Items come alive. There will be Quotes from time to time. Some funny, some inspirational, some maybe creative or some might just be special and I want to share them with my readers. We will have alot to talk about. So Please Stay Tuned! Please Stand By! Cool Stuff Ahead! Good Stuff Headed Your Way! Thanks for stopping by!


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