Hello Readers. Finally Friday!!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful week. Would like to share my monthly Weekend Gardener DIY project for the month. If you are like me, You love to work with what nature gives you in the yard. Nature gave me a beautiful stump. I did not want to leave it where it was, so we relocated it under some nice trees in the side yard. It sits up nicely and has a perfect space in the top. I added some spanish moss, a terra cotta pot, and a very cool rock to dress it up a bit. The moss kinda hangs off the side. Looks very nice. I love it! I replace the moss every couple of months or so. It is fun to use natural elements in the yard decor. Looks rustic. You could plant some colorful flowers around the base if you wanted to add a splash of color. Or you don’t have to plant the flowers, just sit them around the base of the stump in their pots. That way you can easily change the colors or the flowers for the different seasons. Even some herbs in with the flowers would be a nice look. Enjoy the photo and Enjoy your Weekend. until next time: Keep Those Hands Dirty!


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