Hello all Happy Monday! Yuck. Well we got that rain we needed on Saturday. It was very nice and welcome. Was able to work on and finish my Herb Garden on Sunday. Looks very nice and fresh. My mint is just starting to show itself again. I may need to add to it at a later date. Have to have a lot of mint for those fabulous Mojito recipes I will be making. I am posting a couple of photos of the herb labels I made. Very cheap and easy to do. I find nice wooden spoons at thrift stores, garage sales, and use paint pens to dress them up. They look real nice. They last about 6 months or so. Then I replace them. You could spray them with a couple coats of poly and they will last longer. But I don’t spend too much time on them so I just prefer to replace at 6 months. You could get real creative and paint them all a solid color before adding the herb name. You could also wire wrap and add some glass beads that would really catch the light. But lots of fun and an easy project. I will post more photos of my herb garden as soon as I get them ready.but here are my spoons. And until next time, KEEP THOSE HANDS DIRTY.


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