Hello readers Happy Hump Day! Hope everyone is having a good week so far. Yesterday I went to one of my favorite shops. Hospice Thrift Store in Lake City. Found some good treasures as I always do. Very few times I have left there empty handed. Nice store and very clean. This week as I said on Mondays post will all be about my herb garden. Today I would like you to meet Ora, my scarecrow. She is very beautiful and always looks pretty stylish. She is made out of an oar. She has jewelry for her face. Her hair is spanish moss tucked up under her hat. Her clothes and hat are thrift store finds, And she gets a new dress and hat every 4 months or so. I love her. In one hand she holds a silverware wind chime that I made. And in the other hand she holds some reflective dangles. All to help aide her in keeping the critters away. The reflective dangles by the way are those pesky junk mail CDs. They are attached to some twine and wire and with some added beads, looks pretty good. Reflects the light alot. Sunlight and moonlight.  Seems to also keep the bunnies out of my herbs at night. Haven’t seen any thing getting chewed on in the herb garden as of yet. So all is well for now.  Enjoy the photos of Ora.


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