Hello all Happy Friday! Just as we talked about all week, This week is only about my Herb Garden. I posted a photo of my herb labels on Monday and Ora my scarecrow on Wednesday. If you haven’t seen them yet, you can scroll down and check out all of my previous posts and photos. My Herb Garden is a bit unique. But I love it that way. We save our vehicle tires when they need replaced and use them in the yard if we can. Keeps us from paying the fee to dispose of them and also keeps them out of the landfills and that is a Big Deal!. I love to go GREEN and GREEN is my signature color! Each Herb has it’s own tire. Keeps them neat and tidy. Tires are filled with dirt and potting soil with mulch on top. The labels I made stick right in the dirt. Gives a different take on the raised bed effect. Easy to maintain. Looks good too. Add a cute little sign and you have yourself a   very cool herb garden. Monday I will start to post some new creations I have been working on for my shop. And talk about some new listings I will be placing in there. Also I have a furry kid that is a Grumpy Gus and doesn’t like to be brushed enough to keep his mats down. So yesterday he went to the vet and got a $175.00 Hair cut. A Lion Clip. He looks very cool. But the cost was more than I thought it to be. I will get the camera out this weekend to get some new photos and next week will have before and after photos of Mr. Grumpy Gus. (Chekov) He is  Russian. Enjoy the photos of my Herb Garden and have a wonderful weekend! Until next time: KEEP THOSE HANDS DIRTY! 


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