Hello Readers, Happy Monday and Happy April. We have just finished the first quarter. For goodness sakes, don’t blink. That went pretty fast. But it always seems to me that the next two quarters go by a bit slower. Might be that here in Florida the last half of Spring and the first half of Fall is all Summer. So the Summer really seems to last a long time here for me. My yard work is done and so all I have to do is maintain it thru the Hot part of the year. Still have some inside spring cleaning to do but not much. Saturday was a very stormy and rainy day. Very cloudy. Not real good for picture taking. Have been wanting to get a good photo of one of my furry kids. He got the Lion Clip last week and looks quite cool. And he seems to like it. I’m sure he is more comfortable. Will have the A/C on the next few days. Getting pretty warm here this week. But weekend looks cooler. Will have open windows again for the weekend. Will try to get some good photos of him this week. I want you all to see. Mothers day will be here soon. I have some very pretty necklaces in my shop. If you get a chance, hop over there and take a look. or Posting a couple photos of the necklaces. Can see more at the shop. Hope to see you there!


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