Good morning everyone. Hope you all had a nice Easter! Weather was great. Saturday we did sit around the fire pit. Had marinated ribeyes and seasoned veggie packets on the side and had some rice along with that. Was very good. Was very nice sitting out there. Listened to some jazz on the radio. Easter Sunday was nice, quiet. No kids here. Only the furry kind. Publix has colored hard boiled eggs which is always nice. I used to color my own when I was a kid. And if I had kids and grandkids I still would. But I just get the publix ones each year. It is nice to be able to find them already done if you want. My Sunday meal was spiral sliced ham, roasted potatoes and garlic parmesan breadsticks. Pretty normal for Easter Sunday I guess. Lots of smoke in the air on Sunday. Did not expect it. Heard this morning about the wild fires north of here. Depends which way the wind takes the smoke. Today it is not so bad. Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Talk soon!


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