Good Morning! Hope everyone is having a good week. Boy was it smokey yesterday. I drove into town and had to have my headlights on. It was like driving in the fog. Kinda dangerous at times. Even around 11:30 am. I didn’t know it was going to be that bad. But cleared up in the afternoon. Thank Goodness. Everyone please be careful out there. Very dry. Doesn’t take much to start a spark. And all the little animal babies this time of year. If the animal parents have to relocate due to a wildfire, they sometimes have to leave their young behind. How horrible! Please let’s all be careful. OK so everyone has their gardens green and growing by now I would guess? Lots of caterpillars out there. I have to be careful where I walk and I’m constantly helping one or two out of my garage. They scurry around with little dust bunnies attached to them. Poor things. And the lightening bugs are fabulous. There must be zillions out there at night. I could watch those little blinkers for hours. And a dreadful thought is the love bugs are coming out. YUCK! Every April and September we can look forward to those nasty little things. Maybe with it being so dry out there they won’t be so bad. If you or someone you know loves to garden or loves Butterflies and/or Lady bugs, hop over to my shop and check out my Industrial Garden Necklaces. Each one is designed by me and is one of a kind. Go to my jewelry section of my shop to view them all and to see more photos. I’m including a couple of photos in todays post. Everyone have a wonderful Hump Day. 


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