Good Morning! Hope everyone is having a great week so far. Want to talk dishes, plates and glasses today.Does anyone do the mix and match dinner ware out there? There was talk about it at my pizza party over the weekend. I have been kinda doing it for some time now. We have only really gotten one set of dinner ware and that was back in 83 when we were married. Since then breaks and chips over the years. Since I am a thrift store, garage sale, flea market kinda gal I have picked up different dishes and bowls here and there. You can sometimes make the pieces work together. Bowls for me are the hardest to find. The cereal bowls and the salad bowls. But I am always looking. Martha Stewart mentioned years ago that she did that. She goes to tag sales. I guess thats just a different name for a flea market. But if you can make the pieces work together they can really look nice. Rustic yet elegant. I like it! And if one gets broke or too chipped just toss it in your mosaic pile and search for another. The most they cost is a dollar or so. And it is forever changing in pattern so you never get tired of looking at the same old dinner ware. I have done that with my Martini glasses over the years. Some are so fragile and break easy. But just about everyone has a different glass so it is easy to identify which glass is yours. It is fun to do. You never break up your set of dinner wear. Was never really a set anyway. And I like that it changes. I do get tired of looking at the same stuff. Yesterday went into town. Stopped in at Hospice Thrift Store. I love that place. Very few times I have walked out empty handed. Was able to find a few items. Always have fun looking. The Thrill Of The Find! But time for me to stop the chit chat. Time for me to get to my house work. Hope we get some of that rain this week. I could use a little help in the garden. Help for the fire fighters as well. Have a Great Day!


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