Hello readers and Good Morning. We sure had a nice rain Saturday and Sunday. The Yard and Garden is Happy. Was able to finish spring cleaning my garage over the weekend. YUCK! Dust bunnies are under control for a while. Around the first of the year we purchased a Hoover Max Extract carpet cleaner. Has been working pretty well. Wanted a cleaner that was not too involved. I’m used to the upright vacs and like the Hoover upright. Wal-Mart sells the Max Extract. Works pretty good. We have pets, so we had to get something. It works similar to the upright vacs. Alot of plastic parts. Have to be careful when using. I have been doing a section of the carpet each week and the carpet looks fab! Under $300.00 thank goodness. I read the web site and for the most part, people like it. I would recommend it. So far no problems. Have not done any furniture with it yet. It does come with all the attachments. I just haven’t needed to use them yet. Also, Don’t miss the Thursday Martha Stewart show this week. It is all about Etsy. And if you haven’t had a chance to visit My Etsy Shop. Please do. I would love for you to stop by. I am always adding something new to my shop. Please stop in for a visit any time.


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