Good Morning Readers. Happy Friday! Lots of good stuff going on this weekend. Jacksonville has their annual World of Nations Food Festival. Great food! Lots of fun. But be prepared to pay to park. Don’t forget to get your Passport. Each tent will stamp it with their nations stamp. Nice to take home. Also Jacksonville’s annual shrimp fest. YUM!!!! Did not have to pay to park there. Had a bit of a walk. Get there early before it gets too hot and the lines get too long. But the shrimp all different ways is wonderful! Also Cinco de Mayo this weekend and the Kentucky Derby. So in honor of the Derby I will include the recipe for THE BEST MINT JULIP I HAVE EVER HAD! Making your own simple syrup for this drink is a must. Easy and can be done ahead of time. Infused Mint Simple Syrup: 2 cups sugar, 2 cups water in a sauce pan over medium heat. stir until sugar dissolves. Pour into a glass bowl. Add large handful of fresh mint stems and leaves. Press mint down into sugar water with spoon. Plastic wrap top of bowl and place into fridge,24 hours to chill. Pour into glass pitcher and keep in fridge until ready to use. Looks very nice. For each drink: Use a short fat glass with crushed ice. 2 Tablespoons simple syrup, 2 shots whiskey, stir. garnish with fresh mint. I like to use Woodford Reserve Kentucky Whiskey. Good Drink. but strong. Cheers! Lets all pray that the riders and the horses have a safe run. Everyone have a great weekend.


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