Good Morning and Happy Hump Day! Mother Deer has been bringing the baby around more often. I have my camera ready all the time. It is hard to get a good photo right now. It doesn’t stand still for very long. It runs around like a little jack rabbit. It starts kickin and buckin. Very cute. Mother is keeping it far from the house. which is good. Teaching baby well. We put cracked corn out this time of year. I don’t think it is eating it yet, but will be soon. Keeps Mom and Dad coming back. When the babies get older we go back to the whole kernel corn. Mother Turkeys should be bringing the babies around soon. Will try to get lots of photos. Today in my post I am including 2 photos of the “Backyard Bambi” You will have to look closely. I take the photos thru my bedroom window. One photo the baby is behind Mom. And the other photo the baby is between Mother and Father. I will keep trying to get better photos. Keep checking back. Please Stay Tuned! Please Stand By! Cool Stuff Ahead! Good Stuff Headed Your Way!


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