Good Morning All. Happy Friday!  Anyone going Flea Market or Garage Sale Hunting this weekend? Hope you find lots of cool treasures. I have a DIY Weekend Project for you. Keep your eyes open for a light fixture that will work as a bird bath. They can really look nice in the yard. Maybe you already have one in your attic that would work. The one I found works great. I took all the wiring out, The bowl sits into this metal black ring that has a kinda leaf decoration made into it. it used to hang from a chain. but I removed that also. Very heavy with the water. Too much for a tree limb to hold. I placed the metal ring on top of a large concrete paver block. and sat the bowl inside. Looks very lovely in the garden. the one I came across had no holes to be plugged up. Sometimes there is a hole in the center. That can be sealed with a bit of tub and tile sealer or adhesive. But I see the light fixtures often for sale second hand. You have to think outside the box. Maybe turned upside down like mine. Also mine is kinda deep. I see birds and squirrels and even a fox and opossum drinking out of it, but is too deep for the birds to bath in it. You can always place a rock in the center of the bowl. that way the little birds won’t think they will drown. Just be sure that when you clean the bird bath you clean the rock also. This one is very easy to clean. Just water and a scrubbie sponge. Once a week. Maybe twice if needed. But looks very nice. Different than just the standard ones you can buy. And you can always do both. The ones at the store are higher to keep them safe from the kitty cats that may be lurking and also not as deep so they can take a bath. I had both out there for a while until my store bought one gave away. The bowl cracked, it was only the plastic kind. But I kept the stand. I still use that in my garden to display a cool flea market find. Including a couple photos of my birdbath. The first photo you can see the old stand from my plastic bird bath to the back right with my treasure displayed on top,that is too a funky light fixture. Hope you have luck treasure hunting. I will be keeping my camera ready just in case the Backyard Bambi comes around. Also Tune in Sunday. I will post a little something for Mother’s Day. Until then, Keep thinking outside the box.


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