Father’s Day Fashion Accessories

Good Morning Readers, Happy TGIF! Hope everyone had a wonderful week. This post is all about father’s day. Will be here soon. Please take a few minutes to visit my shop. I have some really cool key chains for the man in your life. Posting a couple of photos, but you can see more at my shop. Does he like to cook and/or make mixed drinks? I have some really cool Chalk Board/Menu Boards at my shop. He can list his favorite BBQ sauce recipe or his hot wing recipe for all to see. Or maybe he has a signature drink he likes to make and would like to display. Please check out all the great gifts for that guy in your life. Visit my shop anytime. http://www.etsy.com/shop/ShopwornDesigns or http://shopworndesigns.etsy.com. Also forth of july is about here. In the next couple of weeks I will be posting some really cool ways to display your red, white, and blue. So Please Stay Tuned, Please Stand By, Cool Stuff Ahead, Great Ideas Headed Your Way! Have a great weekend readers. See you at my shop!


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