Critter Cam

Good,Good Morning all. Happy Hump Day! Everyone having a good week? So far so good? Yesterday morning was very exciting. 7:30 am went out to feed my critters and what is all coiled up by one of my feeders just waiting for the next Dove or Squirrel to be his breakfast, but a CaneBrake Rattlesnake. OMG! He could have gotten me if he wanted to. But I guess he was just waiting for me to do my morning feeding to help attract his breakfast. Make his life a little easier. He was being kinda cute that way. Anyway, got a couple of shovels. He was too close to the house and back porch and too close to my feeders. I wish he didn’t have to go. But he had to go. 5 acres and he had to come up here. First rattlesnake I have ever seen in my yard. I’m sure their out there. But out there is OK. I don’t need to see the food chain right before my eyes. Couldn’t he have found what he was looking for out there some where? No. He wanted an easy breakfast. He was being kinda cute that way. My husband had already left for work. So I took a second look at him and thought I had better call for reinforcements. Called a neighbor down the street. He said he would be right over. Grabbed my camera, my reading glasses and a great brochure that I got years ago from the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission. Has nice big colored photos. I wanted to make sure he was a Venomous snake before he was put to his death. With in 2 minutes my reinforcements had arrived. He even brought his own shovel. He said it looked like a Diamond Back Rattlesnake. But looking at the photo, he didn’t have the correct markings. He was similar in color. And the minute he tapped it with the shovel, up came the rattle and that was that. Had to put it to his death. Including a few photos in todays post. The brochure says that it is mainly a northern Florida snake. But is found as far south as Alachua County. Subspecies of the timber rattlesnake. Recognized by its grayish brown or pinkish buff color,with dark bands across its body,and a orange or rusty-red stripe down the middle of his back which you can see in the photo. He was very beautiful. I wish he didn’t have to go. I wish God would have made things like that all ugly and mutant looking, that way it would be easier to kill. But he is gone. I did find the rattle. Including a photo of that also. Yes, it was quite an exciting morning yesterday. I can look out at my feeder station right now and see exactly where he was hiding all coiled up in the pine straw, blending very well as that type of snake does. He was…being kinda cute that way.


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