Garden Thyme

Hello Readers, Happy Monday! How is everyone’s garden this time of year? My herb garden for the most part is doing pretty well. With the 90’s every day now, there are a few herbs that are slowing down. Basil,Mint,Dill,and Cilantro. Weather too hot or too much sun. But all the others are doing great. Rosemary,Chives,Parsley,Oregano,Thyme. Some of them are doing so well, I’m going to clip this week and dry some. It is wonderful to have your own fresh dried herbs in the pantry. Ora needs a new dress and hat. I try to have one of each on stand by for her. I have a hat ready to go, but I want to find a dress for her also. Been looking each week at the thrift stores. Hope to find one soon. All that Debby rain that can thru made her look kinda shabby. And I can’t have a shabby scarecrow. Wednesday’s post will have photos of my strawberry patch. That too has slowed down with the hot hot weather. But still looks green and full. My berry patch is different than most. Be sure to check it all out on Wednesday. Until next THYME keep those hands dirty!


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