Boris the Spider

Good Monday Morning Readers! Hope everyone had a grand weekend! I was sitting on the sofa 7am Sat morning having my one cup of coffee and catching the weather when something caught my eye on the floor. It was this hugh spider and it stopped under the coffee table. Still in my pj’s and slippers with two cats that had not seen it yet (thank goodness) I ran to get a hand full of bathroom tissue, hoping that it would still be in the same place when I got back. It was, but I missed the darn thing, And did not see where it went. Maybe he crawled up under the coffee table? Turned it completely upside down, found nothing. Thinking then maybe he went under the sofa. Oh know! I can’t move that at all.  Did not see it any where. Was pretty big, brown. looked like a common spider I see OUTDOORS quite a bit. Just so you all know, I have been known to save an insect or two that has made it’s way onto the back porch or into the house, but this one was rather large and I would have had to find a bucket or a jar and scoop the fellow up so I would not hurt it and smash it while grabbing it with paper. But still in my slippers and pj’s and having to act fast for my furry friends that could spot it at any minute, I went for the bathroom tissue and yes I was going to be heart less and ruthless and flush the little monster, but he must have caught on because I didn’t see him all weekend. We did think about it a lot. Any sign of Boris? Not yet. Maybe I hurt him when I tried to catch him and he went under the sofa and is going to just die there. Or maybe it will be a Sneak Attack. He will come out at night and crawl into my slipper or into my closet. Would serve me right I guess, for killing one of God’s little inventions for no reason. He was just coming in to say hello, right? Or maybe he just needed to be in the a/c for awhile. It is pretty hot out there. Maybe with all the rain we have been getting he needed a dry place to set up camp. What ever the reason. He is in the house! Every time I would walk by the sofa my eyes would roam around the area, seeing if he is venturing  out and about somewhere. But no Boris. Would I grab the remote and feel his hairy body and let out a scream so everyone in the neighborhood would hear? I kept fearing the worst. He was going to catch me off guard and scare the heck out of me. It wasn’t until this morning 7am that Boris the spider met his death. At some point he made a dash for the laundry room and hid in the dirty clothes. And yes the little monster did catch me off guard. Checking the pockets of a pair of jeans and saw something fall to the floor. I again went for the bathroom tissue and he tried to escape under the washing machine. But this time he failed to make his escape. I got him and I’m sorry to say that his hairy body has been flushed and Boris the spider is no more. I do feel bad, just so you know, all those spider loving folks out there. I don’t make a habit of killing insects. I never have. But I am glad that my furry little kids didn’t find him first. I had to be quick. I had to be ruthless. I am sorry to have killed one of Gods little creatures. But this time I felt it was the best thing to do. I do have to thank him for getting me all excited for the upcoming Halloween season. I do love Halloween. And when we pass around the little plastic spider in october I will think of you. Good-bye Boris.


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