Good Morning readers! Happy Mid Week. Boris the Spider took my Monday post, so the post today will be about other “last weekend activities”. The meteor shower. What a grand sight. I hope everyone got to see it. It was very clear here that night. Neighbor friends called us Saturday before going to bed and asked if we wanted to come over to their house and watch the sky for a bit. They have pasture land and no street lights. Perfect! We got there about 2:30am, took our lawn chairs and had a great view. Stayed about an hour and got to see approx.15-20. One even looked as if it skipped across the sky. Showing up then disappearing for a second or two and then showing up again. It was hard to stop watching. We kept saying the next one would be the last. It was a lot of fun. Also had a good view of the milky way all the time we were sitting out there. Hope everyone got to see the night time show.


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