Good Friday Morning Readers. If anyone is ever in close range of The Whistle Stop Cafe in Juliette, Ga. You have got to take yourself there for some great food. If your like me and love the movie Fried Green Tomatoes,You have got to go there. I have seen the movie about 10 times and could see it again. The last time we went to georgia, it was on my list of to do’s for lunch. It was wonderful!!!!!! Yes they had BBQ. And remember what they say, The secrets in the sauce. But myself ,my husband and another couple we were with got the fried chicken. It was the best chicken I have ever eaten. And the Fried Green Tomatoes are a must! The batter stays on up to the last bite. and the batter nicely coats each tomato slice. Nice and crunchy down to the last one. Perfect!. Best I have ever had. After eating, take the time to stroll up and down the street. And also go behind the cafe. You can see some interesting things back there. The large outside fire pit is there. I could almost see big George working his magic. It was a great time. I hope to get there again. Here in Lake City, Fla. there are a couple of places that sell the Whistle Stop Cafe’s Batter Mix. I picked up a box only because it says you can bake the chicken also. Sounded with a try. I like fried foods. But only eat it once in a while. And I let someone else do the frying. Too much mess, too much clean up. And too much money for me to spend on another appliance they will just sit there most of the time hogging up space on the counter or the storage pantry. So baked it I did. After I rinsed my chicken pieces and sat them on a paper towel, they went in to a bowl. I covered them with buttermilk and I added a good dose of course black pepper. Let the chicken marinate overnight and baked as directed the next day. (all directions for frying or baking are on the box.) I cooked the chicken about 20 minutes longer than directed. Chicken was good but not great. If you have a fryer, it might be better. The flavor was good. Color was nice. Was fun to try. But I won’t bake it again. Took a photo for you to see. But if your ever even close to the cafe in Georgia, I would stop and eat. It was some great food. And a good time. I really loved the fried chicken and no matter what I get, I will always get a side of the fried green tomatoes, but I would love to try the BBQ. Remember the secret is in the sauce(or so they say).


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