Good Friday Morning to Ya! If you all remember back in June, had to sadly take the life of a beautiful CaneBrake Rattlesnake. You can scroll back to my post dated June 6,2012 and see the photos and read the story. I have kept the rattle and have been waiting to display it. Wanted to place it up in our game room. Wanted kind of a rustic sort of display. And also wanted to display it so people could see it but not keep shaking it until it fell apart. I love the old blue mason jars and thought about placing it in one of those. But everyone would be shaking the jar and it would just crumble to pieces inside after a while. So I didn’t want to just sit the jar out for display. Got my hands on a couple of metal or tin tiles a while back. They are light weight and have a pattern stamped into them. Very cool. I screwed the lid of the jar to the tile and then twisted the glass jar back on with the rattle inside. That way it protects it and everyone can still see it. And if someone would want a closer look I could just untwist the jar and take it out for them to get a closer look. I wanted to dress up the tile a bit so I added an old drawer pull to the top which I think adds a nice touch. Used a label maker to add name of snake and date and placed it on the back of the tile. I think it came out pretty good. Very cool. Very rustic. And protected. I love it! Including photos of the finished project. Have a wonderful weekend! 


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