I love to decorate for the holidays. But to me less is more. I like to keep it simple. Here are  a couple simple things I do year after year. Our pool table light is a must! It has to be decorated. Some festive colored tinsel and a big hairy spider does it well.

On our bar in the pool table room I have set a Apothecary Jar. Martha Stewart got me started looking for these second hand a long time a go. You can do a lot of cool things with them. I have placed a bendable skeleton in this one. Looks very creepy. I like the effect.

If you have one of those Cheese Houses in the kitchen, you can dress it up also. I get one of those cute little Gourds and place it inside with some added plastic creepy crawlers on and around it. And once the Halloween Decor goes up for the year and the creepy crawlers have been packed away, keep the little gourd inside and it will look festive all the way thru Thanksgiving. The photo didn’t turn out very well but I think you can still get the idea.

When your out treasure hunting, Keep an eye out for one of those Ouija Board Games. The game board makes a very cool back drop for all your little decorations. And my little Halloween Trolls love it!

I hope I’ve given you some ideas. Next week I hope to post some Halloween Music and Movies to set the mood of your SPOOKTACULAR PARTY, your GHOULISH GALA, your FRIGHT FEST or your BOO BASH.  



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