Here are some of my favorite Halloween Music CDs. These are more for the adults. Some of the music out there is a little to juvenile for my taste but I have some good music to get your party started. More background music than dance party music. If your looking for just some creepy sound effects, Martha Stewart Living Spooky Scary Sounds for Halloween is very good and very well done. Not the normal creeks and ghosts moans, this one is very good and more of an adult version. Ghosts  is one of my favorites. The music is inspired by true ghost stories of the British Isles. No words just soft erie kinda sad,creepy music. Anything with Horror Movie theme songs is good. Most have no words, just the music and that I like. Horror movie madness and More Horror movie madness, theme songs from The Shining, Friday the 13th, Theme from Jaws, Amityville horror, The Exorcist, Halloween, just to name a few. Very good! Very Creepy! Also any Halloween Music from Mannheim Steamroller is pretty good. Fright Night is a real good CD. Music that goes bump in the night. This one would maybe have some adult dance music. More like costume ball room dance. Waltz type stuff. Very good music. And last but not least is The Haunted house, 20 tracks to make you jump in the night. This one is full of old music like,Mr Ghost goes to town by Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra, Nightmare by Artie Shaw, Skeleton in the closet by Louis Armstrong, The Headless Horseman by Bing Crosby. Some of these CD’s my be hard to find. Check on-line. Amazon.com may have them or ebay. Good Music for your SPOOKTACULAR HALLOWEEN PARTY. Until Next Time, STAY HUMAN!


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