First let me get something out and vent. I am very upset and angry at someone, either Direct TV or the Charles Schulz family but somebody decided after all these years to try to earn an extra buck or two and sock it to the people, making us pay an extra $2.99 to watch It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. At this time it’s only on PPV. BOY IS THAT A DIRTY TRICK! We are all having enough trouble with funds and paying our bills and if the Tv bills are not high enough.They throw this at us. DIRTY BIRD! All these years we haven’t had to pay extra for it. THAT’S JUST MEAN! Well I pulled it up on Google and it looks like ABC will air it at NO EXTRA CHARGE on OCTOBER 31. So hope you haven’t fallen for that extra fee. I hope they all GET A ROCK!


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