Good Monday Morning Readers! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. For some one of a kind gifts, I have some ideas. Hand made items are a great choice. No two are exactly the same. No machines creating these cute little gifts. Please take a minute and check out my Etsy Shop. I have a lot of one of a kind Christmas Gifts to choose from. The Wine Cork Christmas Ornaments are very Festive. Look great on the tree. The beads really pick up the lights on the tree and shine beautifully. 

They make Great Stocking stuffers also. And if you have a lot of people on your list, makes for some fast,easy shopping. Head over to my shop at

Or how about the Scrabble Ornaments. They look great all around your house with Christmas words every where. And on the tree, they look very nice. 

Also have other gift sets that are available. Great for handing out at the office. They make great sets to have on hand for a grab and go gift to take along to all those Holiday Parties you will be attending. I even have a few Breast Cancer Awareness Christmas Ornaments to cheer up a friend in need. Etsy has Gift Cards available now, and my shop Does accept the Gift Cards. So stop by and see what you can find. Your always welcome at my shop. I would love to see you there! HAPPY SHOPPING!


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