Hello All. Happy Holidays! Remember me? I am the “Area Rug” type decorator, not the “Wall to Wall” type decorator. I do the “Poinsettia Pop” in only one area inside of the house. I love the Dramatic look it gives my Fireplace. It is the real deal this time. Not like the ones I use outside. It’s up high. Very eye catching. And it keeps it away from my cats. Simple, Elegant, Easy, and very Festive. Along with the Christmas Socks of course.IMG_3836

Our pool table light always gets festive for the holidays. With some red tinsel and our Maker’s Mark christmas ornaments. Looks very nice.IMG_3838

And I’m sure most of us have some kind of Holiday salt and pepper shakers. I do not like to use mine. Mine are just for show. But I did not want them to get knocked over. I found a sleigh at a thrift store for $1.00. It is the perfect place to keep them safe. And they dress up my dining room table very nice.IMG_3840

I have more decor up here and there. But just wanted to share some highlights. Enjoy the photos. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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