Last Saturday evening we had just finished watching the movie “Elf” in front of the fireplace with our cocktails, and the Christmas Tree all lit up and looking pretty. My husband had to take his usual smoke break out in the garage. Before he got up he switched on the  Holidays Music on the TV. At that time the song “Christmas Canon” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra was just starting to play. What a beautiful song. I turned up the volume, grabbed my cocktail and went over to the open back porch door. As I stood in the doorway listening to the music I was kinda taken over. I was looking out at our fire pit area. Very cozy back there. Fall leaves everywhere. There was a slight chill in the air. And the smells of Fall in combination with the light aroma of burning cedar and cinnamon from our fireplace was wonderful. It was just dark enough for our exterior Christmas lights to be on, but still light enough to see the squirrels and birds going back and forth from feeder to feeder getting their last nibbles and a drink from the bird bath before going in for the night. It was Peaceful. It was Calm. It was beautiful. And along with the music, it was taking me away. My mind started to drift. I started thinking of my Mom and Dad now in heaven. Thinking of how things used to be when they were with us. I found myself getting sad. But it was a good sad. Remembering the good times when we were all together. I felt very close to my mother. But since she has been gone. I still feel her with me every minute of every day. And that is Wonderful! I talk to her a lot. I starting thinking about the view from up in heaven. How it must look from up there with all the Christmas Lights twinkling down here. The view must be GRAND! That made me happy. And thinking that maybe they can eat as many christmas cookies as they want and not gain a pound. That also must be Grand! I think God makes it pretty wonderful up there. Always nice weather. Always nice temps. Never too hot. Never too cold. I know I was starting to smile at this point. As the song was ending, I tried to focus on that. Enjoying my cocktail. Still looking out over our fire pit area. All cozy with the fallen leaves all around. The Christmas lights adding a nice splash of Christmas color. The smell of Fall and a bit of cedar and cinnamon aroma coming from our fireplace. And the Beautiful sounds of that Instrumental song playing loudly in the back ground. It was Peaceful. It was Calm. It was Beautiful. And along with the music. That was MY CHRISTMAS MOMENT. Even if it is only 5 minutes. I hope everyone has their very own CHRISTMAS MOMENT. MERRY CHRISTMAS.







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