Hello Readers. Happy Monday. Hope everyone had a Fab weekend. Today is just a SHOUT OUT to all my readers out there. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL !!! I greatly love your comments. I read them all. I am glad you can take a minute of your busy day and pay my Blog a visit. I will try to keep it “G” rated as much as possible. But from time to time I may post my reviews on a movie I have watched or a book I have read. I will try to keep it up beat and Happy. Thanks again for all of your comments. And thanks again for stopping by. My blog goes along side with my shop on ETSY. Which is also called ShopwornDesigns. But I don’t talk shop all the time. I love to cook, I love my garden, I love my Furry Kids. So I post alot about everyday stuff. And I will try to include photos when I can. I designed my blog myself. and I keep a  journal of what I have written, and also things I have yet to write. It may be a great recipe, a cute photo of my kids, a funny saying. poems, Quotes, Inspirational messages. Time spent in my garden. I write and log stuff down all the time. Otherwise it will fly right out of my head in a blink of an eye. I have lots of good stuff on the way, So please Stay Tuned…….Please Stand By……More Stuff Ahead….Great Ideas are Headed Your Way……..



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