Back Yard Entertainment

Every day of the week, every month of the year, we have a very active yard. Very entertaining! With bird and squirrel feeders every where. Bird bath. and corn out for the deer and turkeys. It is quite busy. We have a wonderful screened-in back porch that we are able to enjoy the festivities along with our two furry kids. Camera ready. Mr. Cock of the Walk was out the other day along with a few lady friends. He stands there, in one place, all poofed up and slowly turns around in circles for all his lady friends to admire. He is like the Big Chief with the Indian head dress on. Very stuck on himself. But very handsome. And when the sun hits him, you can see all different colors. Including a few photos for my readers to enjoy in today’s post. In one of the photos you can see he has a brilliant blue color on the front of his neck. They have left me quite a collection of feathers here and there from time to time. I love them. You can see such beautiful colors in each and every one. Enjoy the photos. Have a wonderful day!!!IMG_4122IMG_4124IMG_4130


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