Good Morning Readers. And Happy Friday!  I want to talk about yogurt in today’s post. This post may be mostly for the ladies, but the guys need dairy too. As my blog readers you are aware that I turned 50 last year. When I went for my annual GYN visit I was told to maybe start taking a over the counter probiotic. As we get older we are more likely to get        ” out of balance.” I have seen tons of TV ads for the meds. And I think Activia Yogurt talks about balance issues. Was not happy about taking another pill. I am a person that if I can change my diet or life style to avoid taking a pill, I will. But I told my GYN that I’d look into it. Before going to the check out, I grabbed a brochure on women’s health. Herbal Products for Menopause. It states that Menopause is different for everyone. And some of us ladies may be more prone to infections at that time in our lives. On the ride home I started thinking about yogurt. I remember back in my 20’s-30’s I had read about yogurt that contained the active culture Acidophilus and how great it was in helping with our lady issues. I was eating yogurt every once in a while but not on a daily basis. So I thought I would give it a try. I get the Publix brand Fat Free Light. 6 ounce. 110 calories. Lots of flavors to choose from. I have one every morning since my gyn visit and have had no problems at all. There are also Greek yogurts out there that have that same active culture. Publix yogurt when it is not on sale is .50 cents each. When a greek brand goes on sale I will switch up a time or two just to give me a change. Sometimes I have it with a banana for a nice breakfast or lunch. You can add it to your smoothie. Or have with fruit and granola. It is wonderful, light. And if you have it for a in between meal snack, that’s Ok too. 110 calories. Remember the key word here is Acidophilus. I did not see it on the label of Activia Yogurt. But they do include active cultures that may work about the same. But too high priced for me any way. So ladies, we are getting more dairy which is a good thing and also keeping us in balance. It has been 6 months for me. One yogurt each day. And no problems. So far so good. And no additional pills. Sounds good to me. So have a yogurt, get more dairy, and stay in balance, and all with no additional pills. Everyone have a great weekend. Peace, Namaste, Cheers, Be Nice! Smile, Smile, Smile, and pass it on……….


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