Good Monday Morning Readers. And Happy Earth Day!!!! Today here in Lake City Florida  it is a wet morning. Had rain off and on all night. But the garden is happy. I live on a dirt road and after things dry out a bit I will go out and do my good deed of picking up the road trash. I am a Good Deed Do-er. Want to share a DIY fun yard project with everyone in today’s post. When you get flowers in those colored glass vases, keep them and use them to dress up your yard. Give your yard some nice color and bling. The sunlight really catches them and they add some very nice decor for your landscape and garden. I turn them upside down, open end at the bottom. A placement of 3 together looks nice. And you can dress them up even further by adding a cute little frog or bird on top. Or maybe even a cool rock. They look nice as is. Add great color. And keeps them out of the landfills. Use and Reuse. Earth Day and every day. You can find these all over the place at thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets. For $1.00 or less. Do something nice for our planet today. Earth  Day comes once a year but we need to stay green and growing each and every day. Until Next Time…….. Keep those hands dirty . IMG_4478IMG_4479


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