Good Morning Readers. Happy Monday. And if it is your Birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! In today’s post I want to show you my Sailboat cake I made for a neighbor/friend. Start with a cake mix, homemade or store bought. Bake as directed in a square baking pan. Let cool completely. Place onto a cutting board.IMG_4495Next you will need to cut into 3 pieces as shown.IMG_4496Next you will need to place onto serving platter. A great toss away platter: Cover card board with foil or wax paper. Use tape on the back to hold in place. IMG_4498Now for the frosting. You will need at least 2 colors. Store bought or homemade. I used Vanilla and chocolate. Frosting hints: Frost pieces together first. Then frost all cut edges, leaving the tops and uncut edges for last. Spread cakes generously with the frosting, rounding out corners for proper contours. LEAVE A SPACE BETWEEN SAILS FOR THE MAST. I used a pretzel rod. You want to try to make the whole cake eatable.IMG_4502Now the fun of embellishing your boat. Gummy Life Savers make nice port holes. M & M’s for sail decorations. Jelly candy cut in half for flag. If you can find original fruit roll-ups you can cut a nice flag out of that. Just use what you have and what you can find in your area. Just make it all eatable. BYOC: Be Your Own Chef.IMG_4505IMG_4503For kids you can toss around some gold fish crackers and some gummy sharks. Be creative. Have Fun! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

Information from: Baker’s Coconut Animal cut-up cakes and Fla. Cooperative Extension Service Institute of food and Agricultural Sciences University of Fla. Gainsville. Hospitality on-a-budget Dress the Cake.


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