Good Morning Readers! Happy Hump Day! Father’s Day is coming pretty soon. I have some more great gift ideas for you. What about a miniature tool box? Very cool! Is completely made out of cigar box wood. Very carefully cut and nailed together to protect as much of the original cigar box art as possible. Some of the tool boxes have the original hardware attached.He doesn’t have to be a smoker to enjoy these boxes. Looks very nice on a desk. Can hold business cards nicely. Looks nice in his office, den, or even his closet or night stand. Great display for that man cave. Holds his lighters and cigar cutters. Great gift for the guy who loves wood working. Or a handy man. These just make very cool guy gifts all together. I’m including a few photos in today’s post. But please take the time to visit my shop at http://shopworndesigns.etsy.com. I have a few more to choose from. More pictures to check out. And more information on the making of these very cool Tool Boxes. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!IMG_4378IMG_4445IMG_4452IMG_4457


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