Good morning readers. Happy Monday. Hope everyone had a nice 4th weekend. Today’s post is all about sending my readers a big THANK YOU! for viewing and reading my blog. You send me such wonderful comments. I read each and every one. I wish I could answer each one individually. But I cannot. I do try to answer some questions along the way in my weekly  posts. I have a shop and I sell on Etsy. I opened my Blog to go with my shop. But I do not always talk shop. I try to include lots of other topics. Recipes, DIY projects, wildlife, garden, decorating ideas,Poems, Quotes, Inspirational messages, just about everything. And I try to include photos when I can. I try to keep it “G” rated. But there are times that I want to talk about my view on a movie I saw or a book I have read. If a post is not “G” rated I will try to give a heads up at the beginning of that post. Otherwise it will be OK for all readers. When I opened my Blog I went by the instructions of WordPress. It took me a few days. But I did a little bit each day. I took my own profile photo and Heading photo, downloaded and cropped myself. So no one really helped me other than the nice folks at WordPress. I keep a journal. Things I have written about, want to write about. Photos I want to include. Otherwise things would just fly right out of my head. I Have to write things down. Keeping a blog journal is a good thing! So reader’s A BIG THANK YOU to all of you. I try to blog 3 times a week or more. Thanks again for all of your comments and feed back. I always enjoy reading them. So Please Stay Tuned, Please Stand By, Cool Stuff Ahead, Great Ideas are Headed Your Way.


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