Hello readers, Happy Monday! This weeks blog posts will be all about my LAZY SUMMER DAZE COCKTAIL PARTY. It was a lot of fun. I used my own Menu Board. They are for sale in my shop on Etsy. It is always the first thing my quests notice and check out when they walk over to the table. I love it. They are soooo much fun to use. I love to get my doodle on. I wanted to share a photo of mine in action. This week I will be including some of the recipes they I served up that night. The menu boards in my shop are all different. Each one is handmade. They are nice for every day and elegant enough for your dinner parties. Fun for game night. Great for the holiday’s, birthday’s and any celebration. Get the kids involved in the menu board drawing. They are a great conversation piece. IMG_0935IMG_5236IMG_5242IMG_5244IMG_5245So get your Doodle On and head over to my shop to get your very own Chalk Board / Menu Board. See ya There. http://shopworndesigns.etsy.com


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