Good Morning Readers. Happy Friday! Today is Shop Talk once again. Holiday’s are upon us. Fall travel is upon us. Today’s post is for the traveler. The king of the road. The wonderer of any where. The roamer of every where. THE MOTOR COACHER. THE RV ER. THE CAMPER. What ever your plans are. To see the Beautiful Fall Colors. To see the cool refreshing snow, To visit friends, family, for the holiday’s. To get some great winter Florida Sunshine. What ever and where ever your travels are going to take you, these great RV accessories are nice to have on hand. Use them any time of year. Not just for the holiday gift giving season. You can keep them all for yourself and decorate your own RV, motor coach, camper. But they do make great gifts. They are nice to give to all of your friends at the Rallies you will be going to. Hand out to all of your friends at the camp ground. Each one has a hanger attached If you want to hang them on your rear view mirror or back up camera. They look nice sitting on the dash or console. They are small enough for your tiny motor coach christmas tree. Each one is made by hand. I use original scrabble game pieces. Including a few photos in today’s post. But head over to my Holiday/Sports Shop Section to see all of the gift sets I have available. The set would make a nice gift for the Motor Coacher you know. If your Parents or grandparents or friends like to RV, it would make a great gift for them. Each set comes packaged in a nice storage container.

Let’s take a trip in a trailer. No need to come back at all. Let’s take a powder to Boston for chowder. Let’s get away from it all. IMG_5881IMG_5922IMG_6067IMG_6071Have a Great Time Where Ever you may Roam! Go RVing!


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