A few years back when Virgin Mega Music Store was at the Shops of Disney, I was looking through all the holiday CD’s and came across a Windham Hill Collection Titled simply “Thanksgiving”. It has become my one and only CD I own that is truly dedicated only to the Thanksgiving holiday. I Love it! I am so glad I bought it. It has songs titled: We Gather Together, Coming Home, Amazing Grace, Blessings, The Gathering, and Thanksgiving plus others as well. There are no vocals. Just nice music. Nice for background music when your entertaining or just to have on for the holiday. I recommend it highly. Check with You might be able to locate it. I also enjoy playing anything from the Pat Metheny Group. Also nice music to have on in the background. And there is always Christmas music. If I do play Christmas music at Thanksgiving, I try to stay with the non-vocal CD’s. Something light maybe jazzy. I have a couple CD’s that are just piano. Straight piano. Very nice. Like the piano man or woman is right there with you. A couple I could recommend are Beegie Adair Jazz Piano Christmas and Bill Harris solo piano. And if you want some light vocals with your Christmas / Thanksgiving Music, Boney James and Rick Braun are two nicely done. Jazzy, Instrumental, and light on the vocals. I have a lot of Christmas music, but I hold off on most of it until the day after Thanksgiving. Check back to my blog after Thanksgiving. At some point I will try to post some of my favorite Christmas CD’s. But until then, It’s all about the turkey.


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