Hello Readers and Happy Hump Day! Just wanted to give you all a BIG THANK YOU!!!!!! Today makes post #300. WOW!!!!! How time does fly. I enjoy posting and taking the time to share things with all of my readers and followers. I love all of your comments. I read each and every one of them. Please keep them coming. I will try my best to keep my blog on a happy note, keep it entertaining and up lifting. Keep you coming back again and again. I will do my best to show you some photos when I can. I try to keep my blog as “G” rated as possible but there are times that I like to post my views on a certain book I have read or a movie I have watched. But if the post is not “G” rated I will let my readers know in the beginning of the post. Get ready for some holiday recipes, decorating ideas, and holiday shop talk. I have a shop on etsy and I will be having some holiday shop talk along with everyday holiday posts. Stop by my shop anytime you get a chance, I would love to see you there. So Please Stay Tuned! Please Stand By! Cool Stuff Ahead! Great Ideas are headed your way. My 300th post! Thanks again to all of my readers. Have a wonderful week.IMG_1661


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