Here’s To Thanksgiving

Good Morning Readers. Happy Friday!!!! Has everyone seen the new Publix Commercial? Very Nice. Always is. I look forward to each and every one. Every year. I will even rewind to see it again. I have been a Publix customer for over 30 years. Their stores are always clean, they always seem to rotate their stock and they are nice and friendly. If I remember correctly it was their first Holiday Commercial that I saw that first introduced me to the Pat Metheny Group.I now own 2 music cd’s of their’s. If you haven’t seen the commercial yet, try to catch it. It is very nice.

Here’s to all the early mornings. To the last minute surprises and even to the ones that never make it to the table at all. Here’s to the year the power went out. The year the sparks flew. To the over cooked, the over fed, the overtime. Here’s to the biggest kids table on the street. Here’s to the day that may not always be flawless. But it’s always perfect!

Happy Thanksgiving from Publix. Where shopping is a pleasure.

Thank you Publix for another Great Commercial.Here’s to you!


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