Hello Readers. Today’s post is about a family in need. Like sooooo many good folks out there it is getting very hard to make ends meet. This fundraiser is for A girl, a guy, and a furry friend. The girl in her early 50’s. Lost her parents 3 weeks apart. About 6 months after that she started getting some very bad health issues. Started out as IBS. But soon found out it was a horrible case of Ulcerative Colitis. One doctor told her it was the worst case he had ever seen. In 2001 she had an emergency life saving rearrangement of her intestines. YUCK! Is doing better, but the operation has left her a totally different woman in more ways than one. (I will spare you the gory details.) She has a shop on line and has made some sales. Will continue with her shop but is currently and has been for sometime looking for work outside the home.The guy, in his early 50’s. Has just within the past 3 years become a diabetic. Works full time regardless how he feels. And when he is not working at his job, works very hard at home. Couple has been married 30 years and still going. Both work hard to keep the bills from piling up and getting out of hand. But is getting harder and harder to keep up. Their Furry Friend is a big soft handful of cute. They rescued him from a shelter in 2011. He was full grown. They wanted to give an adult kitty a  second chance. Mom has been putting off some of her needed doctor visits to tend to some of his health issues. And that is what Moms have to do sometimes. Their kids come first. They are doing what they can to keep him in good health. They adopted him for better and for worse. In sickness and in health. And will NOT take him back to the shelter. No one will adopt an adult cat with existing health issues. I know what will happen. So they are doing their best to do what they can. It is hard. I know there are a lot of good folks out there that are having it hard. Not just making ends meet but also with their own health issues. I haven’t done a post for fundraising before. This is the first. But I may start doing it every so often.  So in today’s post I wanted to give this family a SHOUT OUT. If anyone out there can help a bit it would be wonderful. The link to the fundraiser is girl, a guy and a furry Friend. Please help if you can. THANK YOU!


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