Good Morning Readers. Happy Friday! More shop talk today. This post is for the Hostess, the Baker, and the Family Meal Maker. Anyone who loves to cook or bake would love these cuties. These gift sets include 10 individual gifts so you can have them on hand any time you need a quick little thank you. Or maybe a nice Host / Hostess gift. Taking an extra Banana Bread over to that nice neighbor? Tie one onto the bag for a little extra something. They look great displayed in your kitchen around your cook books and cooking utensils. Makes a nice thank you gift for that chef at your favorite restaurant. Hand them out to all of the new friends you made at that cooking class you’ve been going to. Don’t forget your cooking instructor. And when the holiday’s roll around, they make great little stocking stuffers for all of your cooking cohorts. Each one is handmade using original scrabble game pieces. Each one has a hanger attached. Stop by my shop at etsy and see my gift set shop section. I have a lot of gift sets available. And you can see many more photos. Thanks and have a Wonderful Weekend!

Remember: The Best Way To Serve Meals is With A Smile!IMG_6978IMG_6979IMG_6984


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