Hello all Happy Friday! Has everyone had the Wendy’s Fish sandwich? If you have not tried it yet, get it while you can. It is seasonal and will be gone around Easter. It is very good. Nice and crisp. They use the Panko ( I think I spelled that right)  bread crumbs which keeps it crispy down to the last bite. They use a nice, mild white fish. Seems to be the same fish as McDonald’s. But This one does not get mushy. McDonald’s gets mushy. Maybe because of the cheese, Something I can do without on my fish. Or maybe the regular bread crumbs they use. But Wendy’s I think is better, Stays crispy. I like that. It is a good fish sandwich for fast food. Arby’s has a fish sandwich. Looks good on their commercial. But smells and tastes fishy. Not a good thing. I took two bites and then got my money back. Burger King’s is O.K. And they have it all year I think. My Vote: Wendy’s wins! But only around for a limited time each year. So get them while you can. I hope to get another before their gone. Have a Wonderful Day! Enjoy your weekend!


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