Good Morning Readers! Today I am reposting an earlier post I did. Often people will ask me where I get my inspiration and topics to write about. So I try to repeat this post every once in a while.I blog about a little bit of everything and anything. I bought a journal second hand some where a while back. I use this journal for gardening. It has a flower print on the front and back. It had never been used, but there was a hand written message on the inside front cover. The message reads: Always write what you feel. Words are the window to your soul. It helps to put them down on paper so as to look back “inside” from time to time. Inward reflection does wonders!    Love Sophia.

I keep journals for a lot of things. Garden, Crafts, Blog, Recipes, Books I’ve read. I love that little hand written message I found that day. I loved it so much that I write it on the inside cover of every single journal I have and thankfully sign it, Love Sophia. I also give journals as gifts from time to time. I write my personal little message somewhere on the inside cover with my name and the date the gift was given, but I also include this hand written message  on the inside cover. And sign it, Love Sophia. So today’s post is to Thank Sophia, Who ever she is. I love the message and I do “reflect” a lot. I love keeping journals. I use different colored pens to make things “POP” and I do look back on them often. Each one is special. I don’t write in them everyday. But I am pretty good at logging things in when I want to. Keeping a journal is a good thing. Take the time to log in the books you have read, the date you read it and what you liked about it. Maybe you saw a funny saying or an inspirational message somewhere that you want to remember. Jot it down. Recipes that you want to make again, log them in a journal with the cookbook you found it in and the page number. Garden tidbits, what did well, what you want to change next year. Crafts you have made, notes on how you made it, maybe include a photo. Your blog, jot down things you have written about, dates, and things you have yet to write about. With all the hustle and bustle out there in today’s world, If I don’t log things in, they will fly right out of my head in the blink of an eye. So to me, journals are a “Good Thing”.  And again, Thank you Sophia where ever you are.


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