Good Morning Readers. Talking food today. Pot Pies have come a long way since I was a kid. The frozen ones in the store had those hard pie crusts that I thought was horrible. I don’t remember even eating the crust at all. Has any one tried the ones at KFC? They are Wonderful! I bring them home, line a baking sheet with foil, take them out of the box and just keep warm in the oven until dinner. The crust is light, nice and flakey. Not like a pie crust. And the filling is Great. Lots of chicken and vegetables. I Like them this time of year when it’s still chilly outside.


I was one that LOVED KFC POPCORN CHICKEN. I don’t and can’t eat fried foods very often. But those were GREAT! Since they have been discontinued, I have tried others and none compares. In the hopes that if everyone keeps asking about them they might bring them back I always make my voice heard every time I go to KFC. WHEN IS THE POPCORN CHICKEN COMING BACK? Hoping I will hear a good word. Well Tuesday of this week I heard the good words. It is coming back. The associates said that in a month or less it should be back on the menu. This is Lake City, Fl. Maybe some of you will get it sooner or later. But it can’t come soon enough for me. Those little bites are Fab. What a Great Flavor. I don’t even need a dip sauce. Now I still enjoy every once in a while picking up a bucket of original and the sides. I do not fry at home. But I Hope they keep their Pot Pies on the menu and hope once they get the popcorn chicken back they will not discontinue it again. And that readers is How I Do KFC.


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