Good Morning Readers! Today I want to share a most wonderful recipe.


Line a rectangle casserole baking dish with foil. Lay 3 lb. boneless boston butt in center. Take 6 slices of raw bacon, lay side by side, over lapping a bit, and place a nice bunch of fresh Thyme, fresh Rosemary, and 1 Bay Leaf in center. Roll the herbs up inside the bacon, jelly roll style and toothpick together. Lay the bacon bundle on the side of pork. Add 1 Tablespoon of butter to each corner of dish. Use one bottle of Dark beer. Room Temp.( I used Samuel Adams Boston Lager ) and pour over all. Cover dish tightly with foil. And slow roast in a pre-heated oven at 275 for 7 hours. ( when I made this dish, I did all the day before except add the beer. In morning, I preheated the oven and while  that was heating up, I let the dish rest on the counter so it wasn’t so cold when it went into the oven. When the oven was ready, I added the beer and resealed dish with foil.IMG_3968 Put into oven at 8 am and was done by 3 pm. Perfect!.) The meat slowly cooks, Steams, braises. Get ready to smell it all day. It smells heavenly while it cooks. When out of the oven. Be careful, and remove foil. Remove bacon bundle and discard. With two forks shred meat right into juices. Try not to eat too much while doing this. It will be hard. Because at this point it has ROASTED AND STEAMED INTO A BEAUTIFUL MOUTH WATERING PULLED PORK PERFECTION!!!!!!!! Add shredded meat to a clean pot and cover with remaining juices. Add some fresh thyme, parsley and red pepper flakes to taste. And a Tablespoon or so of grainy mustard. Keep warm until ready to serve. I used plain rolls. Because your going to brush tops of rolls with a bit of the sauce and then sprinkle roll tops with a smokey salt. ( I used WILLIAMS-SONOMA hickory smoked sea salt.) And WOW. It is wonderful! If you do the first few steps ahead of time it is a very easy recipe. Great for a game day or any weekend. And I highly recommend the smokey salt on the roll tops. It adds a nice touch. I don’t remember where I got this recipe. I’m usually pretty good at writing that down. I know it was off the cooking channel or food network. And I tweaked it a bit. But I know you’ll like it. The meat just falls apart and is sooooo moist. If you make the fondue,  it is a great side. In a small oven proof dish add 1 small box velveeta 1 lb. Also add 4 ounces shredded sharp cheddar. slowly melt in oven at low temp. ( you can do this the last 30 minutes of cooking time with the roast. ) Add Tabasco to taste and just enough Dark beer to thin a bit for dipping. Serve with pork rinds. YUM YUM DOUBLE YUM!!!!!! Enjoy your roasted and steamed beautiful mouth watering pulled pork perfection.IMG_3971IMG_3972For another wonderful pulled pork recipe, scroll back to my post on 1/7/13.


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