Today I need to vent about a sales associate that represents Direct TV. This is the letter I am writing to them and it explains everything in detail. It is a perfect example of how customer service has gone down hill.

This is an issue that I am still very upset and unsatisfied with and I feel that it needs additional attention. This is in regards to a most unprofessional phone call I received from a sales associate who works for Direct TV. On Monday 4/13/15, around 3:03pm, I stopped what I was doing to once again be hounded by some one on the phone who works for Direct TV and her so called sales pitch. Never trying to save us money, but always trying their best to upgrade our package in one way or another. I shouldn’t have even picked up the phone. But I did and only to get the most sorry, the most unprofessional, the most rude phone call I have ever gotten from a so called sales associate. She introduced herself giving me her full name, first and last. And then told me she was calling on behalf of Direct TV. She then went on to explain the reason for the call. To go over our package and to make adjustments and such, what ever their sales pitch is. She then proceeded to Yawn in my ear. I could hear everything. Load and clear. She made it very noticeable. There was nothing to be mistaken about it. It was a Yawn. I could not believe what I was hearing. Maybe she thought it to be cute or funny. I did not. I just sat there not knowing what to say, then I just said ” You know, we’re good.” And that sales associate just hung up on me. Did not say another word. Not thank you any way or maybe some other time, not even a good bye. Just a hang up in my ear. Does this,not so intelligent so called sales associate remember she gave me her first and last name.?  We have been with that company for two residences now. Customers since the year 2000.I was mad. and still am. I pulled my last statement and called the customer service number. It took a while to get to a manager or supervisor. But someone was finally found. I took down his name and proceeded to tell him in detail what had just happened. Giving him her full name and time she called. He told me that he saw we had been a customer for some time and he assured me that it would be handled and taken care of. That they do not tolerate that kind of customer service. And that was it. The more I thought about it the more I thought a letter needed to be sent. They offer that referral program but I would not recommend them to anyone. Once again the customer gets nothing for their trouble. This was such poor customer service. It has gotten very slack and out of hand over the years. To me this was horrible. How lazy and pathetic. I have a Blog with a lot of followers and I feel the need to not just tell my neighbors and friends about this, but to all of my wonderful readers and followers of my blog. I am going to put the word out there. They are always trying to raise our costs for one reason or another.  Every time we try to cut our cost, they do something to up it again. Anything to benefit them. Our friends/neighbors down the street have Dish. I will be checking with them. Maybe after Dish sees this letter they can turn my frown upside down and make a happy customer out of me. This letter will be mailed out to Direct TV. And I will address it to the Supervisor of Operations. I will include all first and last names in the letter. I urge everyone to take the time and tell or write companies about the customer service problems or issues. Or about just why you are unhappy with their product. Just write a little bit at a time. Our time is so short and so limited. I know I don’t have time for this. But writing a bit here and a bit there until it is done will work just as fine. I have an answering machine. Next time I will use it. And will continue to use it more often. If Directv can’t find good sales staff, maybe they should send their information in the mail. That way we can review it as we have time and call them if we want to change something. Don’t be hounding me to make upgrades all the time and keep trying to get me to spend more money. We don’t watch that much TV any way. If I had access to Cable I would go back to that. We had that prior to the year 2000. And I don’t recall any problems with them. I can’t wait to talk to the Dish Network. I would hope that they do not have that kind of unprofessional staff working for them. Feel free to leave your comments on my blog. I would love to hear what any one has to say about Directv.As of right now I am a very unhappy customer!


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