Good Morning Readers. Happy Hump Day! Today is shop talk. As you all know I have a shop on Etsy. My back to school sets are nice to have on hand all thru the year. Hand crafted using scrabble game pieces.You can clip one to your child’s back pack.


Great for teens also, place on their desk where they do their homework.


Maybe for a boost of encouragement before a big game or test


There are 10 included in each set. Nice to pack into a lunch box. Send off with that care package to one who is off to college. Even tuck into someone’s briefcase. Click onto this link for my Etsy shop It will take you right there. Once your in my shop you can see more photos and read about other display ideas. Hope to see you there. and have a wonderful day!

Also makes a great gift for the teacher or coach.




These Alternative Floral Bouquets never need water and are always in season.


Remember to Think Outside the Bouquet.

Check out more photos and others that are available in my Etsy Shop. Just click onto this link It will take you right there. Have a wonderful day!


Here is a Great DIY Project for your Earth Day 2018. I bought a large bird cage at a thrift store for under $15.00. It has a plastic bottom and metal cage top. I went to a home improvement store and bought a Jasmine plant. It was in a plastic pot and already had a stake in the pot that the jasmine was tied to. When I got home I placed the bird cage right outside of my screened in back porch. Some where I could see it and smell it. I opened the large opening at the top of the cage and placed the whole plant, pot,stake and all, right inside. Then closed the cage back up. Gave it a good water. Over the years it has done exactly what I wanted it to do. As it grows and vines out, I have been weaving the vines in and out of the cage. Look at it now. It is Full, Beautiful and in full bloom. I love it! IMG_0629The cage is rusting to a rustic looking perfection. And looks great. Very Shabby Chic. Enjoy the photo. Have a Nice Earth Day 2018!

Blowin’ though the Jasmine in my Mind.


Are you planning a spring wedding or know someone who is and want to get them a hand crafted gift they can use on their wedding day and every year happy ever after. Check out the gift ideas at my shop on etsy.

img_3585Nice gift for the new bride and groom. comes with a nice keepsake storage box. Can be used on the gift / card table, as a cake topper, and something they can hang on their Christmas tree year after year.


Head over to my Etsy shop with this easy link. You can see more great photos and display ideas. And also get a view at some other great gift ideas. Thank You. Hope to see you there.