Good Morning readers! And Happy Hump Day! And a Very Good Hump Day it is. Very, Very Good for some . Started around 6am. Taking a quick look out the window to the back yard and looking down, I saw a opossum laying on it’s side in the gravel area up close to the house. As I watched it lay there I also saw that it was jerking around a bit. But couldn’t get a full view of it because of some yard art that was in the way. Concerned and worried for the little guy I called my Husband in a panic. He was on his way to work and told me to call animal control. All the while talking to him I was still watching the opossum thru the window. I explained to him what I was seeing. That it seemed to be sick or starting to die and I’m sure he could hear the concern in my voice. (Last year we had a Fox in the yard that had distemper and had to be put down, I kept thinking about that.) My husband said he really needed to get to work and for me to just call animal control. As I’m talking to him and still watching the opossum I get a better view and notice it has two tails. I really started to panic at this point and started to cry telling my husband that she is in labor and having a hard time with birth. I was scared. The  seconds later, Husband still on the phone, I got a different angle and saw it had two heads. Relief. Started to laugh and telling my husband what I was seeing, Theres two. They are just having sex. Oh My Gosh!. I hear my husband laughing in the background.  And I say ” He bites her, He’s chewing on her. He just laughed and said he really had to go now and get to work. I told him I would give him an update when he got home. Happy and relieved at this point and having to start on my chores, I continued to peek out the window every five minutes or so. This went on for about an hour. (Lucky Girl). Had my camera ready but no luck. Always seemed to have something in the way. But after a while they had parted. The male was grooming himself under our picnic table watching her and let out a big yawn. Thinking to himself what a big stud I am and that yes ladies, I have got what it takes. The female was on top of my rain barrel getting a much needed drink of water. As I watched her get down she was having trouble walking and getting her balance. Her hair was all wet and messy. She started to groom herself a bit but saw that Mr. Stud was watching her every move. So she decided to slowly walk into the back yard toward a log. He was right behind her a couple of feet back. And I watched until they both went behind the log and disappeared from sight. Very Cute!. All is right with the world. Hope to see the babies in the months to come. Spring has Sprung. Love is in the air. And I have to agree with the opossums that morning sex is best. Happy Hump Day!


Spring has Sprung and the little blinkers are everywhere. I must have seen millions last night. Enjoy them while you can. They are only back for a limited time. They seem to last about 2 weeks here in my hood. So this weekend, Before it gets dark, Take a minute to Google these little guys and gather the information. Wait until dark. Turn off the outside lights and grab your lawn chairs. Sit out there and take in the seasonal blinking world around you that God created. It’s Amazing!


Shine little glow worm, glimmer, glimmer. Shine little glow worm, glimmer, glimmer. Lead us lest too far we wander. Love’s sweet voice is calling yonder. Shine little glow worm, glimmer, glimmer. Hey, there don’t get dimmer, dimmer. Light the path below, above. And lead us on to love.

Glow little glow worm, fly of fire. Glow like an incandescent wire. Glow for the female of the species. Turn on the AC and the DC. This night could use a little brightnin’. Light up you little ol’ bug of lightnin’. When you gotta glow, you gotta glow. Glow little glow worm glow.

Glow little glow worm, glow and glimmer. Swim though the sea of night, little swimmer. Thou aeronautical boll weevil. Illuminate yon woods primeval. See how the shadows deep and darken. You and your chick should get to sparkin’. I got a gal that I love so. Glow little glow worm, glow.

Glow little glow worm, turn the key on. You are equipped with taillight neon. You got a cute vest-pocket Mazda. Which you can make go slow and faster. I don’t know who you took a shine to. Or who you’re out to make a sign to. I got a gal that I love so. Glow little glow worm, glow.

By: The Mills Brothers.