Who is that outside my window?

IMG_7977IMG_7974He is very beautiful. I love seeing him and hearing him. But I think he is interested in what’s in my feeders. Or I should say what’s coming to my feeders. He sure spotted me. I wonder how much he weighs.I call him a he but may be a she. But very cool. Wanted to share the pic. Enjoy. Happy Friday Everyone.



Good Monday Morning Readers! Everyone thinking of Spring? I see that the Cadbury Bunny try outs are starting. I saw that commercial this morning. It is too short. I look forward to it each year. Very Cute! Thank You again Cadbury. Everyone have a wonderful day!


I hope everyone has been able to catch this cute commercial. From Android. It is soooo completely ADORABLE. I was watching a movie and saw it, then hit the record button on my remote. I now have it so I can see it any time I want. Any time I need a smile or a moment of PURE CUTE-NESS. The song that goes along side fits just right. I can watch it over and over. If you haven’t seen it, try to catch it. It WILL make you smile! A BIG THANK YOU to the people of Android for putting a ¬†commercial out there that is worth watching. And makes you smile. VERY VERY CUTE!

Oo-de-lally, oo-de-lally Golly, what a day


Hello readers. Happy Friday! I have a fun weekend DIY Project for you. Here at my house we love the critter activity. And with 2 furry kids and a nice screened in back porch, there is a lot to see. We like to feed the squirrels just as much as we like feeding the birds, turkeys and deer. It gets to be a regular Jungle Jim out there. At our last house my husband built us a platform feeder. It was made out of treated wood to last longer outside. It had a nice sturdy wooden post and a nice square platform on top. The platform had a type of screw that came up from the bottom so I could slide a corn cob on there for the squirrels to feast. It was a lot of fun and years of enjoyment. When I had over ripe fruit, I would place it on the platform and at dusk we would be lucky enough to have a flying squirrel or two come out to get the fruit. But when we moved it stayed there. I have been wanting something like that here at this house. But Hubby has been soooo busy. Didn’t want him to spend so much time building another if possible. So I was thinking of something we could make into a platform feeder. Searched our so called “Loot” pile. I had picked up a rusty step stool second hand. The previous owners had already added a round piece of vinyl to the top. My hubby used a self drilling screw, has a drill tip end. A commercial roofing screw. The point is not super sharp which is good, but pointed enough for me to work a corn cob on there.¬†IMG_4901He had to add a small piece of wood to the underside for support and to hold the length of the screw better.IMG_4903And it works fine. I get a bag of squirrel corn cobs at Wal-Mart. And I place one on there every morning. It only took 1 day for them to get the hang of it. It is sturdy. And should last a good while. And also it didn’t take much time at all for that busy Hubby of mine. I Love It!IMG_4907And the Squirrels love it!IMG_4911He is hard to see. Just to the right of the corn. Easy, and Fun. A word of Caution: Please, Please be careful when placing the corn. Even though the screw is not super sharp, You could still hurt yourself. Just be careful when putting the corn on there. Don’t slip and stab yourself. Or scratch yourself. Grab the cob from the side not the top and gently twist it and work it onto the screw. Also, I never leave the screw exposed. I leave the empty corn cob on there until the next time to add a fresh one. I don’t want the critters getting hurt either. After a day or two,You will have the critters just waiting on you to step a side.IMG_4924


Good Monday Morning Readers. What a wonderful weekend. Low to Mid 80’s. not too humid. Very Nice. The critters loved it too. Our Momma Deer and Momma Turkeys have been walking around proudly showing off their young. This weeks posts will all be about them. Enjoy! Today it is Momma Deer and the Backyard Bambi. Later in the week I will post more photos of the Backyard Bambi. They are more close up and you can really see the Bambi “spots”. So Stay Tuned, Don’t go away, Great photos are coming your way!