Get your game on with these Great Football Accessories. All about The Florida Gators in today’s post. But I have many other teams to choose from. Head over to my shop on Etsy at and go to my Gift set shop section. You can see all of the great team colors available. Take the whole set with you to the next tailgate party and hand them out to all of your friends. Clip them to everything, your gym bag, purse, briefcase or lunchbox. They make nice party favors, host/hostess gifts, even stocking stuffers. Don’t forget coach! IMG_5729IMG_5733IMG_7959And when Christmas rolls around you can hang them all over your sports themed Christmas Tree. Enjoy your Football Season!


Good Morning Readers. Everyone have their decorations up and running? Wanted to share with you some of my decor ideas. Their simple, easy and eye catching. Remember I am more of a “Area Rug” type decorator than a “Wall to Wall” type decorator. I like the “POINSETTiA POP”. It adds a nice dramatic splash of color. They can be real or fake. My drive way post gets a festive look by simply changing the top. It would normally have a decorative, colorful ceramic flower pot turned upside down on top of the post. But I just replaced it with a handful of fake poinsettias and added my santa sign and …done.IMG_3842

My flag pole gets the “Poinsettia Pop” with another handful of fake poinsettias, my christmas flag and some nice colorful christmas ornaments hanging on the little cedar pine off to the side. Looks very nice when guests pull up. Another simple, easy, but eye catching display.IMG_3843

As you walk up my side walk to my front door there is a big Flower pot. I have it filled with cypress mulch. Normally I stick a few little whimsey garden stakes inside. But to add that dramatic “Poinsettia Pop” that I like so well. Another hugh handful of the fake poinsettias. They really look nice. Nice big splash of festive holiday red. IMG_3845

And to dress up the front door area (which I did not do this year) A real Poinsettia in a pot on each side of your door does the job nicely, and a nice Christmas wreath on the door to welcome your guests. If you can find a real wreath of pine, that is wonderful. It sends a bit of evergreen aroma to all who passes thru your door. Simple, Easy, Elegant, Dramatic. Without a lot of work. And with your Holiday Christmas Lights on Outside. It will look Grand!