Get your game on with these Great Football Accessories. All about The Florida Gators in today’s post. But I have many other teams to choose from. Head over to my shop on Etsy at and go to my Gift set shop section. You can see all of the great team colors available. Take the whole set with you to the next tailgate party and hand them out to all of your friends. Clip them to everything, your gym bag, purse, briefcase or lunchbox. They make nice party favors, host/hostess gifts, even stocking stuffers. Don’t forget coach! IMG_5729IMG_5733IMG_7959And when Christmas rolls around you can hang them all over your sports themed Christmas Tree. Enjoy your Football Season!



This post is for you! Talking ” Shop Talk ” Today. Do you or anyone you know love the old vintage repair manuals. They are great for framing and displaying in the work shop, garage  or man cave. They make very nice gifts. And some are from the WW II years. Great books for the collectors of the WW II Memorabilia. I’m posting a few photos in today’s post. But if you go to my shop and visit my Antique/Vintage shop section, you can see more photos. Photos of the back covers and inside pages. Head on over and check them all out. Hope to see ya there! Have a wonderful day!IMG_5137IMG_5141IMG_5162IMG_5150


Good Friday Morning to Ya! If you all remember back in June, had to sadly take the life of a beautiful CaneBrake Rattlesnake. You can scroll back to my post dated June 6,2012 and see the photos and read the story. I have kept the rattle and have been waiting to display it. Wanted to place it up in our game room. Wanted kind of a rustic sort of display. And also wanted to display it so people could see it but not keep shaking it until it fell apart. I love the old blue mason jars and thought about placing it in one of those. But everyone would be shaking the jar and it would just crumble to pieces inside after a while. So I didn’t want to just sit the jar out for display. Got my hands on a couple of metal or tin tiles a while back. They are light weight and have a pattern stamped into them. Very cool. I screwed the lid of the jar to the tile and then twisted the glass jar back on with the rattle inside. That way it protects it and everyone can still see it. And if someone would want a closer look I could just untwist the jar and take it out for them to get a closer look. I wanted to dress up the tile a bit so I added an old drawer pull to the top which I think adds a nice touch. Used a label maker to add name of snake and date and placed it on the back of the tile. I think it came out pretty good. Very cool. Very rustic. And protected. I love it! Including photos of the finished project. Have a wonderful weekend! 


Good Friday Morning Readers! Everyone ready for the weekend? For Father’s Day? Looks like we are having pretty nice weather here. Going to dry out a bit and less humid. Sounds nice. I would think that the garage sales would be pretty plentiful this weekend. Last weekend was all wet. So all you treasure hunters out there, keep your eyes open for those Groovy 60’s Retro Curtains. Every once in a while I will see one at a flea market or garage sale. If your like me, you like to have cool things in your yard to make you smile. What ever the color and what ever it is made from, pick it up. Some of them really catch the light. Others just have some really cool colors. I get them home and lay each strand out side by side. I place them into groups of three, and cut each one to a different length in each group. You can hang them any where for a color splash. I love hanging them in sets of three on a tree limb. They look very cool. And add some great color and whimsey to the yard. They act as kind of a wind sock effect. They will blow gently in the wind. And some, depending on what they are made from can really catch the light. Hang them from the trees, your porch, where ever. I will use a bit of wire at the top to hang them from, Or you can even add a fishing swivel at the top to create some added movement. So whenever someone is changing their Groovy 60’s Retro Curtain. “Think Outside the Box” and display in fun and unique ways outside. See my photos. Every time we have a cook out, they get noticed. They add a nice splash of fun color. Have a Great Weekend! Hope you find lots of treasures!